T & L Student symposium

I recently attended the second annual student and learning feedback symposium at CPUT. This event was something I had never attended before and I went there not knowing what to expect. A few days before the event we got the program and extracts written by the presenters of the different sessions. My favorite part of the … Continue reading T & L Student symposium


Hey strangers This is your lazy blog host Kim. The last time I posted was quite a few moons ago, wow this year has really been that hectic. So just a quick update: I am now in my second year of marketing. What a rollercoaster. I thought the first year was tough but nothing could … Continue reading Education

Considering Privilege

Sustainable Steps

What do people mean when they say “check your privilege”? Sometimes I see this battle cry used more to belittle someone for being ignorant than to initiate any real consideration. I’m hoping to create a more productive space for introducing this concept for people who aren’t familiar.

Reflecting on our privileges is an important exercise for any person. Some cringe-worthy stories that came out of the first women’s march showed us what it looks like when well meaning people choose to jump into the deep end before learning the basics. So, here goes:

My take on Privilege

Privilege comes in many different forms. A lot of it can be identified by understanding the burdens which inherently exist for some people but not for others. Don’t get it twisted: acknowledging your privilege does not imply that you never faced an obstacle, or that you should feel guilty for having it. It’s…

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Portrayels of South Africa

If you have been following my blog you would know that I am a marketing student studying at CPUT. The past few weeks I have attended different workshops that was designed to help us understand South African consumers as people and learn how to effectively segment these consumers. Over the past weeks we have been … Continue reading Portrayels of South Africa